What is Township Government? 

Township government is a unit of government patterned after the English town meeting form of government developed to guarantee “grassroots” democratic participation. In Minnesota, townships are the rural units of government, closest to the people. Minnesota is first in the nation in the number of townships, having 1,803 organized townships. Townships are about thirty-six square miles in area, and, in Minnesota, include populations from a few to over ten thousand. Township governments presently serve approximately one-fourth of the population of Minnesota.

A township operates as a unit of government, having an elected governing body of three or five supervisors elected from the township at a term of three years. Because the terms are staggered, one is elected each year. The board of supervisors in the governing body of a township. Other elected officials are the town clerk and the town treasurer. All officials are elected by direct ballot of eligible voters.

– from the Minnesota Association of Townships

Township Maintenance Hours – Monday – Thursday    7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Maintenance will be closed Monday September 3 for Labor Day

2018 Fall Clean-up Date set for September 8 – Clean up Day Flyer

Yard Waste Disposal Sites 

Since 1993, Shamrock Township has maintained two yard waste disposal sites for use by township residents and property owners. Residents may drop off any yard waste with branch sizes up to four inch in diameter; no trees are accepted at the site. Additionally, compost and free wood chips are available for pick up for residential use; they are not intended for commercial/resale.

Leaf/Compost Site Rules and Regulations

  1. Yard waste only
  2. Limbs/brush limited to 4” in diameter
  3. Brush and chips must be clean – free of rock
  4. No stumps
  5. No rocks
  6. No Compost Use by Commercial Contractors
  7. No re-sale of compost site materials/products

Yard Waste Disposal Site Locations 
• 503rd Street, south side of road, near Shamrock Town Hall
• County Road 6 approximately 4.5 miles east of Highway 65 between 184th Avenue and 473 Street, south side of road
• Both sites are marked with signs and gates.