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Shamrock Township Events

Shamrock Township would like to invite you to the Regular Board Meeting to be held on February 8 at 1:00 p.m. at the Shamrock Town Hall, 49954 Lake Avenue, to enjoy an informational presentation by Amanda Miller, Communities Coordinator, Kennecott Exploration Company, of the progress and activities of the mining being performed by Kennecott Exploration in Tamarack. If you are interested in having a tour at one of Kennecott Exploration’s drill sites, please feel free to stop by their office in Tamarack or call Amanda (218-768-3292) to schedule a site visit.

Township Board Meeting Schedule

SHAMROCK TOWNSHIP BOARD OF AUDIT and BUDGET MEETING: The Board of Audit and Budget Meeting for Shamrock Township will be held Thursday, February 8, 2015, at 12:30 p.m. at the Town Hall, 49954 Lake Avenue.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held at the Town Hall, 49954 Lake Avenue.

Past Township Board Meeting Minutes 
Minutes from past board meetings are available in PDF format. Your computer needs Adobe Reader to view these files; if you do not already have Adobe Reader, a free download is available at

December 14, 2017 Regular Board Meeting
November 9, 2017 Regular board Meeting

October 5, 2017 Regular Board Meeting
September 14, 2017 Regular Board Meeting
August 10, 2017 Vorlicky Road Vacation Public Hearing
August 8, 2017 Regular Board Meeting
July 24, 2017 Special Board Meeting – Maintenance Contract
July 13, 2017 Regular Board Meeting
June 9, 2017 Time Change Notice
 May 5, 2017 Bartz Road Vacation Public Hearing
 April 24, 2017 Board of Appeal and Equalization
 April 24, 2017 Regular Board Meeting
 April 13, 2017 Regular Board Meeting
March 23, 2017 Regular Board and Re-Organization Meeting
March 10 Annual Meeting
March 9, 2017 Regular Board Meeting
February 7, 2017 Board of Audit
 February 7, 2017 Public Hearing Lodging Tax
 February 7, 2017 Regular Board Meeting
 January 10, 2017 Regular Board Meeting